Theatre Formation BIS BARD represents one of the first private theatre groups in Bulgaria. We managed to go through the tough years of economic and political transition in our country and we currently continue creating, distributing and producing art.

Our main goals are related to establishing cultural values among young people, developing and fostering artistic talents in children, creating conditions for the proper realization of young and gifted artists and promoting Bulgarian culture in Europe and the world.

In 1999 the formation was registered as a non-profit association under the Bulgarian Law for Juridical Bodies with Non-for-profit Goals. This allowed the BIS BARD team to develop its own civil program “Chance for the Youth” for young children and youths with disabilities placed in specialized institutions. The initial objective was to help these children and the graduates leaving these institutions in overcoming the isolation, the difficulties and the negative stereotypes within their environment through the magic of art. Yet, going deeper in our understanding on the problems of this target group and having gained better knowledge and experience in solving them, our team gradually became confident in planning and implementing more difficult and major projects.

Thus, our team, at first composed mainly of artists (actors, directors, painters, choreographers and others), gradually started attracting more and more professionals, including psychologists, pedagogues, social workers, lawyers, doctors, economists and other. Up to now we have implemented a total of 8 projects in 17 specialized institutions with more than 1300 children involved (aged 3 to 18 years).