The implementation phases and the funds needed are divided into two – a preliminary phase and a core implementation phase. The total budget of the Preliminary phase amounts to 1.914.000 euro (one million, nine hundred and fourteen thousands), split among the following activities: Elaboration and licensing of the educational program, Selection of the children from the Bulgarian orphanages, Reconstruction activities – first phase, Equipment – first phase, Selection of a team of experts and teachers, Selection of administrative and technical team, PR campaign. From those listed above our organization has covered so far 975 000 euro. Following application by BIS BARD, 934 000 euro (equivalent of 7 005 000 Dutch crones) are granted by the Dutch Velux Fondation which shall cover the activities of the first phase of construction activities.

The other sums granted so far are due to the donation of individuals in Bulgaria and abroad.

In order to finalize the Preliminary phase the project needs still 957 000 euro which we do believe we will find with the support of companies, individuals and foundations as well as EU projects.

Following successful completion of the School for Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children Project within the first five years and continuing support of the business and the whole society in Bulgarian and all over the world, the management team of TF BIS BARD is planning to start to work for building a second school in South Bulgaria.