/15.11.2013/ We are currently working on the architectural design for the School for Crafts and Arts. Here you can see first visualisations of the project.

/15.04.2013/ The School for Arts and Crafts “Dimitar Ekimov” found its home. This is the village Rusalya in Northern Bulgaria, Municipality Veliko Tarnovo. The school will be built in the area of the former gymnasium, which was closed more than 10 years ago.
rusaya tabela web

/17.02.2013/ Following the last decisions adopted by the Ploski Trambesh Town Council and with regard to the conditions stated in the decision for donation, a negotiations between the representatives of VELUX Foundation and Polski Trambesh took place. Both parties tried their best in finding a mutual acceptable resolution of the issue though the latter was not reached. Despite all the energy and efforts put already, TF BISBARD team had to start the process of looking for a place for the school again

/November and December 2012/ Start date of the activities in the Preliminary phase of the project. These are the renovation and reconstruction works of the buildings of the School for Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children.

/19.11.2012 / Mr. Christian Holtet, the VELUX FONDATION representative for the project, made his first visit. Mr. Holtet will work on this project for the whole 2-years period in which the construction works for the project buildings will be done. Director of Velux Fondation, made his first Bulgarian visit. Our first meeting was at Maslarevo village where Mr. Pedersen had a chance to meet the government representatives of Polski Trambesh and Maslarevo village.

/October 2012/ Mr. Pedersen explained the huge regional and national benefits which are associated with building of the School for Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children and thus driven the negotiations with the Polski Trambesh municipality. Mr. Pedersen also gave an interview for Borba newspaper.

/12.09.2012/ BIS BARD and VELUX FONDATION enter into an agreement for financing the first phase of the project for the School for Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children. This is the first major donor of the project at the amount of EURO 934 000.

/11.09.2012/ In Frankfurt am Main a special music and literature evening took place and the recent news of the BIS BARD project were presented. The famous German writer, Simone Buchholz, attend the event and was touched by the story for the socially disadvantaged children in Bulgaria. Simone Buchholis willing to support the cause of BIS BARD in their the fund-raising activities.

/07.07.2012/BIS BARD had officially deposit to the
Polski Trambesh municipality a request to buy the buildings of the kindergarten and school of Maslarevo village in order to use them for the School for Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children.

/In the middle of 2012/ BIS BARD decided that we need to drew the attention of successful Bulgarians who lived in the whole world. Having them as ambassadors of the socially disadvantaged children in Bulgaria will help us spread our project all over the world. The first persons we had contacted, Ljbuka zu Guttenberg, the famous conductress, and Valentin Yotkov.

The third German meeting for presenting the project activities was held in Munich in May, 2012. The newly established German non-profit organization was presented. The organization aims are to support BIS BARD within the project as well as to start similar project in Germany.

The second German meeting for presenting of BIS BARD and the School project was held in Germany, in the town of Frankfurt. The presentation was made at Turm hotel, Barselona conference hall.

The whole 2011 year was dedicated to finding funds for financing the Preliminary phase of the project at the amount of 1 914 000 euro.

On 31th January, 2012 a meeting between the mayor of Polski Trambesh and Mr. Mincho Kolev, representative of the German friends of the project, took place. The conversation was focused on the project development and financing of the School for Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children. Mr. Kolev shared that the project could attract more long-term and bigger funds if BIS BARD become owner of the school buildings.

In the last month of 2011 the TF BIS BARD team leaders met prof. Lozanov, the famous Bulgarian suggestology, and Mrs. Vanina Bodurova, prof. Lozanov assistance. Its the dream of the team that the School curriculum will be based on prof. Lozanov methodology.

On December 12th, 2011 , following the support letter given by His Excellency Matias Höpfner, the first meeting for presenting the project for creating the School for Art and Craft for Socially Disadvantaged Children took place at Munich.

The architectures Rossena Ekimova and Biliana Konakchieva spent the last
months of 2011 in doing architectural capture of the old buildings of the kindergarten and the school of Maslarevo village. In order to welcome its first students, the buildings of the School for Craft and Arts will need serious construction works. The construction works are part of the Preliminary phase of the project. In the next Essential phase actual construction of several new buildings will take place.

One October week, 2011 (the days between October 10th and October 14th) the
residents of Maslarevo village did their best job to clean the area and park surrounding the old school building of Maslarevo village.

On September 16th, 2011 meeting with the Maslarevo residents was held at the town hall building. It was stated that there is no many job possibilities in the region so the people hope that having a boarding school in Maslarevo will benefit most of the population as people might be included in fulfillment of the project based on their education and past experience.

Our first actions for accumulating funds for the project were to write formal letter to the foreign embassies in Bulgaria. These was followed by receiving letter of support by His Excellency Matias Höpfner, the German Ambassador. His Excellency Matias Höpfner expressed the support to our remarkable project and also to the non-profit organizations themselves for their work in Bulgaria.

On Juli 27th, 2011 TF BIS BARD entered into a 10-years agreement with the Polski Trambesh Municipality for unpaid use of the school premises and buildings in Maslarevo village. The agreement was signed by Mr. Georgi Chakarov, major of Polski Trambesh municipality, and Mrs. Animari Dimitrova, Chairman of the TF BIS BARD with the presence of Mr. Milen Vladkov, mayor of Maslarevo village, and Grigor Boganov, legal advisor.

In January, 2011 the School for Arts and Crafts for Socially Disadvantaged Children – Dimitar Ekimov project by TF BIS BARD starts officially. The project is focused on education and raising of socially disadvantaged children and orphans, abandoned kids and kids from minorities. Our team members believe that this project would be the most innovatory, bravest and biggest in comparison with all other projects we had been working on as not only for Bulgaria, but also for the whole Balkan Peninsula, the School shall be the only one of its kind.